July 27, 2001

The Purse

A PURSE is where you keep things. A BOX is also where you keep things. But a purse is not a box. A purse unlike a box has many uses. A box is also very useful.

If you keep something in the purse you can take it out whenever you want to. In a box if you keep a thing that is small, it will make noise, when you shake the box. In a purse things of all sizes don't make any noise. Although a ten-rupee note in a box also makes very little noise.

But a box cannot be kept in your back pocket. This is because a box is quite big. There are smaller boxes too. A purse can easily be kept in anybody's back pocket. The back pocket must have a flap and a button. Otherwise anybody can take the purse out. To prevent pickpocketing the purse must be kept in the front pocket. If there is no front pocket then you must be careful in a crowd. Since you can take the purse any where you can keep things that you may need when you go out. A box can also hold the things in the purse, but you need a car to use the box with the purse's belongings. A car has a trunk. You can keep the box in the trunk.

An elephant has a trunk too. But you can't keep the box in the elephant's trunk. The elephant uses the trunk to breathe especially when it is swimming. It also breathes through the trunk when it is not swimming. An elephant is the largest land animal. Dinosaurs are bigger but they don't live any more. They do live in fables and in the computer. Since the elephant is the largest animal it is very heavy. Surprisingly for all it's wieght it is a good swimmer. But it is not a fish. Fishplates in a railway track prevent derailment of trains. But they can't swim. Humans have to learn to swim. You have to go into water to swim. But you can't go into water without knowing how to swim.

You can row a boat. Since a boat goes over water you don't have to swim. Man does many things so that he can do nothing. You do nothing when you are in a boat. But somebody is doing something so that you can do nothing. To do nothing you need money. Money helps you do nothing. But you have to work hard to get money. This money can be kept in the purse so that you can do nothing when you go out.

Money can also be kept in a box. This box is called a Money-box. There is a plant called money plant. It is used in houses so that others can see it. You need money to buy the money plant so that others can see it. If others see it and like it they too will spend money to buy it. This is called advertisement. Advertisement is an Art not Science. Because if every body can see it, it cannot be science. Very few people realy understand science. Even fewer people really do. People don't have brains. Only humans do. All animals have brains too. Only they are stupid. Some animals have peanuts for brains. Peanuts also give oil. This is done by drying them and sqeezing them. Brains don't give oil when you sqeeze them. Nobody has ever sqeezed a brain before. But you can give a person a sqeeze. This means you can hug the person. But you can hug the person only if the person is close to you. But you don't hug every person close to you. If a person is very close to you he can pick your pocket. Then the purse in the pocket will also be picked. You must be careful with purses. If a purse has important papers other than money then they too will be lost. You can also lose any credit cards if they are in the purse. When your purse has credit cards you cannot keep it in the back pocket since the credit card will be bent. A bent credit card like a bent person is of no use to shopkeepers. With a credit card you can pay money after you buy a thing. But with a credit card you can get credit even in places where credit is given only to people more than 80 years old if accompanied by both parents. The credit card is very useful since the credit card companies have colorful advertisements.

Butterflies are also very colorful. Butter melts easily. So do hearts. And metals with low melting point. Like mercury. Mercury is a super conductor at very low temperatures. Beethoven will freeze at such temperatures. Conductors conduct. The person who conducts exams is called an examiner. A doctor also conducts an examination. But you have to prepare for an exam. That is why you don't fail in a doctor's exam just because you had chicken pox the day before the exam. Chicken and cows don't get chicken pox. Small chicken don't get small pox. Small pox has been eliminated. If you get chicken pox you need a doctor's certificate. Without the certificate you can't get chicken pox. Certificates are also awarded to people who get good marks in the exam. But people never get good marks. Only some of the people do. Because people don't have brains. These brains which people don't have cannot be seen. But you can see many things on display in glass shelves of shops.

You can see better purses on display in the display windows of shops. Some shops sell only purses. Others don't. There are also some fair price shops. The fair price means low price. The quality of the goods is also fair. Thats why you get it for a fair price. All people don't come in time to get fair goods at fair prices. The stocks of fair goods are limited. You can't go shopping to a fair price shop because you can't haggle over the prices. Stock Markets also have stocks. But these are different stocks.Bears and bulls keep rising and falling in the share market. Nobody shares what you get in a share market. You can also get money in a share market.If you get money in a share market you can't use a purse to bring it back.You need a box and a car with a trunk.

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