February 18, 2002

5 a.m.

This one was after a long time. And a lot had happened in the meanwhile. And it was 5 in the morning and I was dog tired. Sleep was nowhere in sight. And mentally, things were feeling like fun. And sarcasm was dripping all over me. This happened.

Just a Crazy love song

Have you ever been in love? Mebbe this will help. (PS: No Tune, at least none that sounds unlike the earlier ones)


It had started differently but ended as this. You have seen The Matrix. I don't suffer from such manic proportions in delusions, but well a small helping never hurts. What if the whole concept of governance is just a facade? (PS: I love The Matrix) (PS2: And I do have a tune for this too.)

Grown Up Now

I love this one. You know it has become fashionable to say, "I am still a child inside me.". And believe most of the time you have a sniggering idiot, who is just waiting for you to turn your back to the child. But when there truly is a child, you will not see him. Because he is a child. And children don't advertise. So what happens is this, and people thing otherwise.

Go To Hell

I was on a roll, after the last one and decided it was time to expand my horizons. So decided to jump into songwriting for a change. Blame it all on the follies of youth and you will hit the nail on the head. Any ways. Have you ever loved and wanted to hate at the same time. Imagine the rose, and the hand responding to the incredible beauty of the rose almost on its own accord. Then the thorn cuts right in between you and the beauty, and you finger rushes for the safety of the mouth. What did you feel? And what did you feel if this was just metaphorical. (PS: I think I have a punkish tune for this too)


Statutory warning: Don't read this if you are feeling down. It just might push you over. This from someone other than me.

Spent Dreams

Well this was the first one in the current binge of poems. Started with no reason other than the fact that this title sounds cool. And, well, developed into well a postmortem of success. I am guessing here, not that I have been there. Tell me if you think this is, or is not, the way you felt. Got different reactions for this one. One friend actually thought of making this sound more upbeat. That is optimism for you.