April 29, 2012

News Limericks - II

Apparently some of the Limericks I write are funny - why not milk it for all it is worth?

Also, there is a new News Limerick icon to accompany the posts.

The first is a news item that would not mind being included in The Hangover - Part 3.

A man in Sacremento should have been distraught
Over an argument in a bar he shouldn't have sought
but he did pick a fight
to end an epic night
And woke up the next day to realize he had been shot

For all the headaches produced by the Borat movie, there were some unexpected upsides.

Officials hated the image Borat produced
Of Kazakhstan in the eyes of the world reduced
including a fake national anthem
which was more fun to hum
But he unwittingly gave their tourism a big boost

The next news item does not require much introduction.

Residents were clamoring for cameras in the elevator
Giving up privacy for the sake of this good greater
coz they wanted to thwart
and force him to abort
By catching this nasty perp - a serial defecator.

A heroic tale is a great counter balance to the poo story.

A dog they say is a man's best friend
A label this woman's seeing-dog did transcend
when a robber did attack
the dog fought him back
And called the cops to tie up the loose end

Just when you thought buying lottery tickets was a waste of money.

Many in the world are desperate for their lottery fix
It is all in the numbers or maybe some other tricks
this store in Arizona rural
sold successful tickets in plural
Of million dollar winners, not one or two but six

The next story is quite self-explanatory, but reading it in prose does not make it less funny.

So here is a robber's story you will find quite strange
Interrupted during theft, he fled before the challenge
then was horrified to find
that he left his ID behind
And called the victim's family to propose an exchange

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